KLM Balinese Grands

2xBW,RW,GC Anacaona Perla of KLM
Sept-2006: Lilac Pt Balinese F

GC Balik's Poetry in Motion of KLM
April-1990: Lilac Pt Balinese M

GP/TICA QdGP ChanLokMeow Oberon of KLM
Oct-2008: Blue Pt Balinese N

GC/TICA RW,SGC Derry Downs TomFoolery of KLM
Jan-2012: Chocolate Pt Balinese M

GC,GP KLM's Lightning Boy
March-1989: Blue Pt Balinese M

CH,GP KLM's Midnight Train to Georgia
April-1999: Seal Pt Balinese N

GC Nagai Ke's Promises Promises of KLM
Sept-1994: Lilac Pt Balinese F

GC Purrmatix Mr Wonderful of KLM
May-1993: Blue Pt Balinese M

GC Staccato's Soft Sung Blues of KLM
June-1998: Blue Pt Balinese F

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