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ChanLokMeow Balinese, Javanese & Orientals
Sweet Dream Studio - Multi-Media

Texas - Carolyn Edwards - Artist & housekeeper to The King!

CFA Grand Champion/TICA Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion
Derry Downs TomFoolery of KLM
Chocolate Pt Balinese M

CFA Grand Premier
KLM's Heavenly Kid II

Blue Lynx Pt Javanese N
The King!

CFA Regional Winner, Grand Premier
KLM's Foxglove
Cream Pt Javanese N
2004 TICA SCR Best Balinese Alter; 2005 CFA GSR 10th Best Alter

CFA Grand Champion
ChanLokMeow Everlasting Love of KLM
Blue Lynx Pt Javanese F
2006 CFA GSR 2nd Best of Breed; 2007 CFA 3rd Best of Breed, GSR 2nd Best of Breed

CFA Regional Winner, Grand Premier/TICA Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Premier
ChanLokMeow Ashley of KLM
Blue Lynx Pt Javanese N
2010 CFA GSR Best Balinese Alter

CFA Grand Premier/TICA Quad Grand Premier
ChanLokMeow Oberon of KLM
Blue Pt Balinese N
2009 TICA SCR Best Balinese Alter

Award Winners & Grands!
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