Mishna M'Lady
of Su-Bali

Photo 1973

In the Beginning... Su-Bali & KLM

In 1972 I saw a newspaper ad for Balinese kittens. I had never heard of Balinese, but called and learned that they were a longhaired version of the Siamese. Intrigued I went to visit the breeder. Mishna was one of the kittens I purchased... she became the foundation of Su-Bali Javanese.

Years later, I sent one of her descendants, Su-Bali's Shady Lady, to Howard Angel, Angelands Cattery. Shady Lady and her offspring are behind many of today's notable Balinese, Javanese and Oriental LH.

Mishna was a dear friend who taught me much and helped me through many trying periods in my life. She went to live among the stars in 1988, leaving us with an ache in our hearts.

Descendants - Award Winners & Grands! All titles are CFA unless so noted.

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