History of the Javanese

1986/87 - 1996/97 Show Seasons

10 Years of Achievement!

1979 - At the time that early breeders petitioned for acceptance by CFA, they requested that their cats be registered as Balinese. CFA makes a distinction between Siamese of "pure" and hybrid ancestry (Colorpoint Shorthair)... because of this distinction, a new name was needed for the breed. Barbara Harr had already researched possible names and proposed the name Javanese, the next island over from Bali. It should be noted that the island of Java is the larger and more prosperous of the two islands. Map of Indonesia
First Javanese GC
1st Javanese Grand Champion
1986 - Javanese were advanced to championship status and the race was on to see who would earn the distinction of being the first CFA Grand Champion. On November 1st 1986, Tassam's Tru-Purr granded with 225 points. Later that month Tassam's Kinu and Musashi's Cleopatra granded as well. GC Musashi's Cleopatra of Balique went on to become CFA's Best Javanese for the 1986/87 show season.

1989/90 - GC Aileron In the Buff, a Cream Pt Male, became the first Javanese to earn over a thousand points in one show season. Buff finished the season with 1,151.70 points, CFA's Best Javanese.

1990/91 - RW,GC Zinzani Marian B, a Lynx Pt Female, became the first Javanese to earn the title of Regional Winner... finishing the season with 4,268.21 points, North Atlantic Region's 16th Best Cat and CFA's Best Javanese.
1988/89 - GC Balique Firecracker became the first Javanese to achieve the title of Grand Premier. Firecracker had previously granded in championship competition, finishing the 1988/89 show season as CFA's 2nd Best Javanese. First Javanese GP
1st Javanese Grand Premier
First Javanese NW
1st Javanese National Winner
1992/93 - NW, GC Zinzani St John's Revelation, son of RW,GC Zinzani Marian B, became the first Javanese to earn the title of National Winner... finishing the season with 8,733.63 points, CFA's 9th Best Cat.
1993/94 - GC Mia Ching's Mojo followed in his sister's footsteps earning Mia Ching Cattery the distinction of breeding the first pair of littermate grand champions. Before the year was out, Mia Ching had granded another litter of four... three of them earning their titles on the same weekend. First Littermate GC
1st Littermate Grand Champions
First Javanese DM
1st Javanese Distinguished Merit
1994/95 - CasaDecano's Magic Angel of Mia Ching, a Lynx Pt Variant Female, became the first Javanese to achieve the title of Distinguished Merit with 5 Grand Champion/Grand Premier offspring. This was the same year that a total of six Javanese earned the title of Regional Winner and third Javanese earned the title of National Winner.
1995/96 - Still more Javanese grands, Regional and National winners... Zinzani Harriet Vane became the second female to achieve the title of Distinguished Merit with 5 Grand Champion/Grand Premier offspring.

1996/97 - We celebrate our 10th year since advancement to championship. As a breed... we have truly prospered, four National Winners, numerous Regional Winners, two Distinguished Merit females and 67 Grand Champions / Grand Premiers. I have to think that Barbara was able to see into the future when she suggested the name Javanese for our cats.

Kris Willison (C) Nov 1996
10 Years Graphic

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