Balimoor Willo-Two, OD - Born 1979
1st TICA Outstanding Dam of any breed!

In the Beginning... by Maureen Davies - Alberta, Canada

(before there were Javanese)

In the beginning we were a one cat family, with three young kids and a Red Pt Colorpoint SH neuter. At a local ACFA show I fell in love with a Red Pt Balinese bred by Marion Whitehead of Hu-Man Cattery in Utah and had to have one! Before long, I owned a little Red Pt Balinese female named Hu-Man's Sk-Ar-Lot Puff of Balimoor. She came from a Colorpoint SH breeding program that had produced LH kittens and was totally unrelated to any of the standard Balinese lines of the day. I was fortunate to be able to buy her first "husband" from California, Ti-Mau's Billie of Balimoor, a Chocolate Pt Balinese Variant. Before long we had a litter which included a pretty Tortie Pt (later ACFA's first GC Tortie Pt) and a Red Pt male, Balimoor Puff 'N Stuff.

From a local breeder, I had the opportunity to lease (and later purchase) a Blue Lynx Pt Colorpoint SH, Alonale's Willo-The-Wisp, and carried out several breedings with her to Puff 'N Stuff and, later, Tassam's Little Buddy (Seal Pt Balinese). Looking back on the history of the new color Balinese (Javanese in CFA) I am amazed at how these cats may be found in almost all the pedigrees!

Balimoor Willo-Two (Puff 'N Stuff x Willo-The-Wisp) was TICA's first Outstanding Dam of any breed with more than 5 GC unaltered cats to her credit. One of her kids made a National Alter win and her son, Balimoor Sunburst, was TICA's first Supreme GC Red Pt. Willo-Two was a Seal-Tortie Silver Lynx Pt and, we later found out, a carrier of the cinnamon gene (most likely from Puff 'N Stuff's Red Pt ancestors). I didn't realize at the time that my unusually light Chocolate Lynx Pt cats (from matings of related cats) were really Cinnamon!! One of Willo-Two's kids, Balimoor Shadow of Tassam, went to live with Ann Sandner.

Willo-Two suffered from pyometra when 8 months old and was sucessfully treated using prostoglandins plus antibiotics - quite a breakthrough in that time period, late 1970s. She went on to have many healthy litters and lived out her old age as a spayed pet in our house. Our children doted on her and I look back with fondness on her remarkable achievements.

Balimoor Fu Manchu (Willo-Two's Blue Lynx Pt brother) bred a Siamese (Fan-C Magic is Afoot) by accident which resulted in Balimoor Blu Magic going to live at Tassam Cattery.

From Willo-The-Wisp's breeding by Tassam's Little Buddy (Seal Pt Balinese), Balimoor Kanushka also made her way to live with Ann. Kanushka and Shadow were Ann's first Lynx Pts and proved to be the beginning of a line of great cats that, over the ensuing years, blended standard Balinese lines, Balimoor Lynx Pts and Siamese/Colorpoint SH lines.

Willo-The-Wisp's breeder (Alona MacVicar of Red Deer, Alberta) gave up breeding many years ago and would be quite amazed to know the affect that her cat has had on the history of the Javanese breed.

Maureen Davies
   Balimoor Cattery (CFA registered since April 1978)

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