This is an agreement for the sale of an altered _______________________________________________ kitten/cat bred by _____________________________________________________, born _____________ to _____________________________________________________ by _____________________________________________________, named __________________________________________________________, Reg# _____________________________, as a pet only. Transfer Date: _______________ Sales Price:______________
1. The buyer accepts the responsibility of caring for this kitten/cat and providing properly for its welfare. The buyer agrees to follow the seller's instructions on care, housing, diet, treatment and health.

2. The buyer agrees that this kitten/cat will always receive prompt, top-notch medical care, and will never be allowed to harbor parasites.

3. The buyer agrees to provide companionship for this kitten/cat, never leaving it alone for long periods of time without human attention.

4. The buyer agrees to provide a generous amount of exercise for this kitten/cat, to provide it with toys, and not to cage it.

5. The buyer agrees never to allow this kitten/cat outdoors unless leashed and accompanied by a responsible person to supervise its freedom for its health and safety.

6. The buyer agrees that this kitten/cat will never be sold, leased or given to any pet shop, animal shelter, research laboratory or similar facility.

7. The buyer agrees never to declaw this kitten/cat, and understands that declawing is a mutilation and a cruelty that is likely to alter the kitten/cat's temperament and health.

8. The buyer agrees if any of the above terms are disregarded, that the seller may reclaim this kitten/cat without a refund of the purchase price. The buyer agrees to pay all court costs if this contract is litigated.
Venue is in the State of __________, __________ County.

9. The seller guarantees that the their cattery is FeLV/FIV negative, that this kitten/cat is presently free of disease, and that this kitten/cat will beaccepted for a full refund of purchase price if returned within 7 days with a veterinarian's certificate that this kitten/cat has a health problem. The seller warrants that this kitten/cat is genetically sound and healthy to the best of their knowledge except as may be indicated on any attached reports, and will replace this kitten/cat with another at no additional cost if this kitten/cat dies (within 1 year from date of sale) of a genetic defect that is evidenced in a necrosy report presented to the seller.
............. Seller's Initials - DNA or other medical report attached: Y / N ......................................................................................

10. The buyer is advised that vaccination with any vaccine for FeLV and/or FIP will result in the health guarantee for this kitten/cat to be voided, as there is no proof that these vaccines are 100% safe or effective.
__________ Buyer's Initials

The Transfer of Ownership document will be supplied upon receipt of a signed copy of this document and the relevant payment.
Seller's Signature____________________________________________________ Date: _________________

Buyer's Signature______________________________________________________ Date: _________________
Buyer's Name, Address and Telephone___________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________