What is an Oriental Longhair?

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Blue Smoke Oriental Longhair S
1st of color to be registered w/ CFA
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The Oriental Longhair (or OLH) is merely the next step in a natural progression. Balinese and Javanese breeders who liked the assortment of colors offered by the Oriental Shorthair breed, decided to create a longhaired Oriental. The first documented litter was bred/owned by Billie & Terrie Cobden, Sholine Cattery. Ebony males, Sholine's Dark Elf of RainRiver & Sholine's Dark Vader of TomyTycoon, born 9-Jun-1983 to Harr's Solar Spirit of Sholine x Ciara Jambalaya of Sholine.

The Oriental Longhair is still a relatively new breed. Accepted by CFA for registration in 1988 and advanced to championship competition in May 1995 as a division of the Oriental breed. In England, Oriental Longhairs used to be known as Angoras. In parts of Europe Oriental Longhairs are known as Javanese & in other parts of the world as Mandarins.

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Grand Champion, Regional Winner
Balinan's Steely Dan

Blue Tabby Oriental Longhair M
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Talisyn's Seance of Suntea

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