KLM Oriental LH Grands

CH,GP CasaDecano's Prince of KLM
Jan-1999: Ebony Tabby Oriental LH N

GC Crystabel Nostalgia of KLM
July-2009: Chestnut Tabby Oriental LH F

2xBW,RW,GC Kayceekats Beau Thai of KLM
July-1999: Blue Tabby Oriental LH M

2xRW,GP KLM's 1st Black Thai Affair
Aug-1998: Ebony Oriental LH N

CH/TICA SGC KLM's Chasin' Snowflakes
March-2013: Green-Eyed White Oriental LH F

CH,GP KLM's Summertime Blues
Aug-2002: Blue Oriental LH N

GC KLM's ThaiGirl Lilly of Meownsch
April-2002: Blue Tabby Oriental LH F

GP Mia Ching's Wild Blue Yonder of KLM
June-2002: Blue Oriental LH N

GC NekoNoShiro Dicaprio Leonardo
Oct-2001: Lavender Silver Oriental LH M

GC SBRitz Maid in the Shade of KLM
July 2006: Blue Oriental LH F - 1st OLH GC in Thiland!

GC,GP Silverlock's Thai Juan On
July-2001: Blue Oriental LH N

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