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Your User ID/password will work for either database format. Daily PedServe database use is more retricted - I may need to upgrade to my own server.

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I have successfully updated the correction/update scripts to post directly to the active database. Parents *must* exist in the database for links to be successful, scripts will create new records if parent cannot be found. You can start w/ a TRIAL PEDIGREE on the parents & create a new record w/ the correct linkage. If entering littermates, simply click [BACK] & enter the detail on the next sibling.

This will allow users to "build" complete pedigrees online w/out waiting for updates to be uploaded. NOTE: All updates will still need to be reviewed, approved & posted to the data owner's desktop database or corrections made will be deleted when that particular database is refreshed. I do foward corrections to the owners of the other databases hosted.

Have fun!


  • PedPoint *assumes* wildcards, if you tell it to look for the word PRINCE it will return all animals w/ the word PRINCE anywhere in the name. See [SEARCH TIPS] for more information.
  • PedServe makes no such assumtion, whatever you enter in the search string is what it will look for. If you select "matches PRINCE" the search will only return the one animal named PRINCE. Only if you enter *PRINCE* will the search return all animals w/ the word PRINCE anywhere in the name. PedServe is also more powerful, more features & CPU intensive, thus there are heavier restrictions on daily usage.
  • PedPoint & PedServe reports are logged separately against each program's daily limits.

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We highly recommend these Windows based Pedigree Programs that create/support databases for online pedigree scripts.

Breeders Assistant
From Tenset Technologies in the United Kingdom.
Excellent support provided by programmer, Colin Manning,
Also supports/developed Pedserve for MySQL web based pedigrees.

From Wild Systems out of Australia.
Excellent support provided by programmer, Ron de Jong,
Also supports/developed Pedigree Point for MySQL web based pedigrees.

These companies/programmers belong to the Open Pedigree Software Group (OPSG)

Look for the OPSG logo when considering the purchase of a new pedigree program!