Su-Bali and KLM - Balinese, Javanese and Oriental Longhairs

CFA Registered


1990 Balinese and Javanese Kittens

All placements are for indoor homes only. All cats/kittens placed as "pets" are altered prior to leaving our care. Any altered cat/kitten (irregardless of quality) is considered a "pet". NOTE: These breeds are extreemly rare - there are fewer than 100 Balinese, Javanese, Oriental LH registered each year (per breed/division) - female kittens are available by reservation only. All cats/kittens are fully vaccinated, ringworm free and guaranteed to test negative for FeLV and FIV. Shipping charges and/or vet fees will be included in any price quoted. Accepting inquiries on pet/breeder/show litters & kittens - Balinese, Javanese & Oriental LH.

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Balinese are NOT hypo-allergenic! Investigate the Cornish Rex Breed.
Again, Balinese (and Oriental LH) are extreemly rare. ANY kitten, ANY breed requires quality food and vet care- this is NOT cheap!

Cats/Kittens may be viewed at various Gulf Shore Region Cat Shows*

CFA Gulf Shore Region Show Schedule | TICA Show Schedule

Shows are Saturday 9-5; Sunday 9-3 unless otherwise specified
*Please contact in advance re: shows outside of the Houston area.


NY - Balinese/Javanese/Oriental Kittens email: Brianna Taylor

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